Our advantage is short delivery execution time, the quality of manufactured parts, reliability and professionalism.

We provide quick shipment by courier companies across the country and the countries of the European Union.

The highest quality based on years of experience is confirmed by awarded certificates.


We offer the execution of mechanical parts in mass production. All the details are made with the use of the latest technology applied in either CNC and in conventional machines for turning, milling, grinding and honing.


The measurement laboratory allows us to make precise measurements and inspections, even with the accuracy of fractions of microns:

  • Patterns of length  of "0" GIMETR class
  • Measuring equipment: MASSI, AIMETR, TESA, MITUTOYO


Our latest innovation is the implementation of the cutting-edge technology with the use of a smart multitasking machine, which is the six-axis CNC OKUMA MULTUS made in Japan. The machine was based on the innovative technological solutions to meet the high stability of maintaining the dimension of details.


The Micro – Vibration reduction system – “Machining Navi” detects and analyzes the periodic oscillation wave, thanks to which it leads the machine tool in the selection of the ideal speed for attaining maximum surface quality (link). The materials we use are certified for quality.